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pesca offers its customers a verified and detailed track of its products from the moment of harvest to delivery. Our processes are certified by GMP (good manufacturing practice) and HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) programs.

We classify, select and develop suppliers through our own program assuring you that we choose only the best. We also give permanent information to facilitate our clientele a top quality logistics service.

Quality Assurance

Good shoppers can not try everything they buy. They oftentimes have to trust the supplier’s word instead. Agropesca assures its clients with a continuously audited quality assurance program which complies with to the regulations in every country and in every plant.

The quality assurance program is certified by:

Chile: PAC (Programa de aseguramiento de la calidad - Quality assurance program). Office: SERNAPESCA

Ecuador: A.C.P.A.A. (Proceso de Aseguramiento de la Calidad Pesquera , Acuícola y del Ambiente - Quality assurance process). Office: Instituto Nacional de Pesca.

- Permiso Sanitario de Plantas procesadoras (Sanitary Permit for processing plants). Office: Ministerio de Sanidad y desarrollo Social

- Permiso de operación y certificación para exportación de plantas procesadoras de productos pesqueros (operation permit and certification for export processing plants of seafood). Office: INAPESCA.

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